Macro Readings, Self-Referential Edition

Largely for my own purposes, some links to stuff I’ve written over the past three years bearing on macroeconomic policy. Read all of them, and you’ll have a good sense of where I’m coming from.
(by Paul Krugman)

The humbling of the Fed
Macro policy in a liquidity trap (wonkish)
Optimal fiscal policy in a liquidity trap (ultra-wonkish)
A Dark Age of Macroeconomics
Liquidity preference, loanable funds, and Niall Ferguson
A History Lesson for Allan Meltzer
America’s Chinese Disease
Core Logic
China’s water pistol
Myths of austerity
Self-defeating austerity
Japan 1998
Sam, Janet, and Fiscal Policy
More on Friedman and Japan
The Instability of Moderation
The Doctrine of Immaculate Transfer
Currency wars and the impossible trinity

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  1. Good stuff for next staycation:-)

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