FTAV video: the robot employment threat | FT Alphaville



We had a lot of fun making this short video, which is based on a topic that’s been discussed energetically in the blogosphere and elsewhere for a few months, and which has captured Izabella’s fascination for nearly a year.

In addition to Izzy’s work, we drew on many blog posts and other readings in our discussion, and regrettably we didn’t have time to hat tip everyone in the video itself. We include those links below and thank their authors, and of course any misrepresentations are entirely our fault.

Better than human – Kevin Kelly

Will a robot take your job? – Gary Marcus

Robots and robber barons – Paul Krugman

Myth of the jobless recovery – Matt Yglesias

The end of labor – Timothy Noah

And special thanks go to Andrew Smithers and Martin Ford for the two charts we used in the video.

Another wonderful set of links can be found at Izzy’s tumblr, which you should be reading in any case. And again be sure to check out her beyond scarcity series.

Thanks for watching, and of course feedback is welcome.

FTAV video: the robot employment threat | FT Alphaville

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