Economist’s View: Links for 02-04-2013


  • Can the Fed Create More Inflation? – Jared Bernstein
  • The case for legalized sports betting. – James Surowiecki
  • Is this a good time to buy stocks? – Econbrowser
  • Labour productivity in the recession – mainly macro
  • Obama must face the rise of the robots –
  • The Head of the Table – Economic Principals
  • Who is afraid of currency wars? – Gavyn Davies
  • Inequality: Predation or Skill Bias? – Gloomy European Economist
  • Three views of consumption and the slow economy – John Cochrane
  • Social Security Does Not Add to the Debt – The Monkey Cage
  • Will reputation metrics open scientific publication? – Digitopoly
  • Tomato Imports Deal Reached by U.S. and Mexico – NYT
  • Is gold a good hedge against inflation? – The .Plan
  • Living wage trade-offs – Chris Dillow
  • Gold Returns – Andres Marroquin
  • Despicable Me – Paul Krugman
  • Economist’s View: Links for 02-04-2013

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