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Week 33, 2013, further reading

How Isabel dos Santos took the short route to become Africa’s richest woman – Forbes The Centre Cannot Hold? – Mainly Macro Synthesis Lost – Paul Krugman The Pigou Effect (Double-super-special-wonkish) – Paul Krugman Globalization and Keynesianism – Paul Krugman Expectations driven liquidity traps – … Continue reading

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Week 31, 2013, further reading

Structural Humbug by Paul Krugman, NYT ———————————————————— Models and Mechanisms (Wonkish) by Paul Krugman, NYT ———————————————————— ZLB Models? – Mainly Macro ———————————————————— Sex, Money and Gravitas by Paul Krugman, NYT ———————————————————— Chaos Looms by Paul Krugman, NYT ————————————————————

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Paul Krugman: Rationality and the Euro

  Simon Wren-Lewis, for once, has a happy story to tell. He looks back at Britain’s fateful decision, ten years ago, not to join the euro, and argues that the decision was made on the basis of — gasp! — … Continue reading

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Paul krugman: The Hellenization of Economic Policy

  Simon Wren-Lewis has been on a roll lately; his latest talks about how the mishandling of Greece inflicted vast damage on the European economy as a whole, and to some extent the US economy too. Basically, troika officials refused … Continue reading

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Paul Krugman: On Mundell-Fleming (Very Wonkish)

Aha. I see that Simon Wren-Lewis is on a campaign against the use of the Mundell-Fleming model, a simple international macroeconomic extension of IS-LM analysis, because of the way it handles the relationship between interest rates and exchange rates. And … Continue reading

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